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bunny by Telemaniakk

You did fairly well considering you used this as a reference. [link] The arm is a bit off by the elbow and crease and her face is a tad...


I do not get along well with people who make up facts about canon because it doesn't fit well with their fan ideals, and they take my help correcting those things as personal attacks which they aren't.

It's a natural phenomenon people will have to get used to by being adults. You can't always have it your way, learn to accept the way things are. Especially if it is not your belonging to change.

It's insulting to the series to deny and change FACT, and insulting to people who enjoy fanart and fanfiction because that is how we make are art by CHANGING FACT.

A theory is not a fact. That is not canon, that is fanon!
What people who deny and want to make up lies about series in their fanart, fanfictions and debates don't realize is they are insulting themselves, because they can't accept their own CREATIVITY as good enough.

What is wrong with accepting fan ideas as more than good enough in their own rights?
Why can't people realize they can enjoy a series, without having to feel like they need to enjoy every single detail of it.
You do NOT have to like every part of a series to thoroughly enjoy the series as a whole.
It is ok to change canon things like design, design colors, powers etc for your own personal enjoyment. That is why fanart and fanfiction exists in the first place.

FANART and FANFICTION are WONDERFUL and to change facts in debates, and in general like in artists comments and etc. is to deny everyone their escape to draw, enjoy looking at fanart, to write or read fanfiction.

It's ok to want something to have been different in a series.

It's ok to want something that was canon to not be real, and that is WHY we HAVE fanart and fanfiction.
I wish people would realize this and just stop, and understand it is being rude to creators and fanon artists and authors everywhere.

It also causes arguments and repetitive speeches when other fans try and tell you they also saw the series, and know that what you claim is not real and when they try and correct you, you flip out very rudely...and for what?

First of all, it is ok to make a mistake. I've been corrected too, and when I find out of what they say is true I'M GLAD! I want to know the truth and I don't want to spread rumors.

If I said something that wasn't true, I would WANT someone to correct me.

I would giggle embarrassed-ly for maybe a second and then I would be happy and never make that same mistake again. Its called being human. No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes.

If someone is correcting us, it doesn't mean they are being mean or rude, in fact they are just helping you.

If it upsets you, know it's only your ego and pride that is upset, and you should never dislike or argue with anyone over ego and pride.

That is why it takes a really humble, mature and strong individual to be ok with being corrected when saying something wrong. Sadly, there are not many people like this around.

I am writing this, because people like this make me want to abandon any fandom as if it were a children only domain.

Because I try and help, becauee I love the series, own the series in book and dvd formats and know the truth about the series I love and adore, and when I see people accidently or purposefully fudging the facts, for whatever reason may be, I love this series enough to try and fix an error, so no one viewing can be mislead by false facts.

Because I want these people to kmow the REAL series and buy their own copies too, not be lead astray by rumors people make up because they can't deal with the reality that the series was not made solely for them but for everyone to enjoy in our own ways.

I typically am kind to anyone who accidentally says false information, though typically if the author or artist are rude in their initial replies, I have gotten rude as result back.

I shouldn't even bother.

It is getting tiring and depressing to keep dealing with.

SO instead of arguing with people anymore, I will try to help and tell them the true, real, facts and if they want to refuse believe even reliable sources, (Yes, they have literally argued the sky was green and grass was blue, for an example lol ignoring even video evidence and the fact I own the same books and the proof sits in front of me in original Japanese commentary by the creators )I move on and realize I can't speak to those kind of people anymore.

In other cases, I am either insulted, threatened and even told I am the reason for bad things happening in the world. Ridiculous. Some were even so delusional to blame internet rumors on me.

I live in the real world, but I also love the fan world. I only get along with people who feel the same way and can accept reality.

That even if canon doesn't match the way they want it to be, that they'll get inspired to be creative and draw or write what they wished were canon and enjoy it either way witbout resorting to negativity and delusions.

Except kids, it's understandable for kids to get confused lol, I excuse my kids, and nieces and nephews of childish behavior like that lol^^

I encourage everyone to not fight with these kinds people anymore like I admit I used to.

Try and tell them the truth so they don't look foolish, and if they want to look foolish by denying facts and reliable resources, just let them. It's easier.

Otherwise you WILL be arguing with a brick wall, and it is impossible to reason with a brick wall. They are far too thick, lol.



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Thanks, any thing you want to discuss I am down for. If you need any tutorials which to variations on the body types, I have some good references to look through.
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No, I don't need them. I just think that people looking to draw very diverse body types deserve a little better than... That. Thank you though, it's nice of you to mention that.

What shows or games do you play? :)
brutalfin Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
at least i do art you´re just around to bitch
Nerf-or-Nothing Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol no dear, you are the bitch for ridiculing a much more TALENTED artist on their tutorial because you are a jealous little child.
brutalfin Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i ridiculed her coz we are on the same level just as i were ridiculing deadmau5 on his live thread, if you dont like it and are boring cunt then fuck off i dont care about your online mommy and besides the message wasnt for you coz there´s nothing worth commenting in your gallery dear =P (Razz) 

grown ups can talk without getting jealous honey
Nerf-or-Nothing Featured By Owner Edited Jul 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Funny, looks like a jealous hater complaining about someone making an art tutorial to everyone else. Perhaps get a life and stop being a hater? When you negatively comment on someone's art ABOUT their art and call it pointless, you are a jealous little bitch, now go get over yourself, your art is not impressive and if you keep on obsessing over others art being better than yours in a negative fashion you will...

1. Never get any better.
(Try actually USING her tutorial since you need it and stfu perhaps with your insults?)

2. Grow the fuck up.
(Because only children act like jealous little brats that bully others because they wish they could do that. Try learning instead of bitching next time.)

EDIT! One last thing to add.

Whatever gave you the idea you were on the same level when you can barely draw, color and shade?…

Sakimichan's gallery, you should probably open your eyes, perhaps your blindness is why you can't improve if you think your shit is on the same level as this professional.
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